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Sat Jul 13, 2002 - Campbellton, New Brunswick (136km)

After our 190km day, we figured that sleeping in was a good idea. After getting up at 10:00 or so, we decided that we pretty much had to go to New Brunswick, which should be about 100-110km away. This was a little scary, after having done the 190km trek the previous day! But off we set. Fir the first bit, I had some stiffness to work out - Ian was going fast though. After that, we swapped. For some odd reason, my legs felt great. I felt like a well-oiled machine, working at peak efficiency. Ian told me I was setting a mean pace (grin). The Matepedia River (which Hwy 132 follows) was very beautiful, and would have been better if it wasn't raining! It rained ALL day long - despite the breaks in the clouds that allowed us to see the sun for half of the day. The area was pretty deserted, just the highway, trees, and the river. Many, many fisherman standing in the river, and in canoes. Ian commented that they must be dedicated to be out there! I turned around and commented that they must be looking up at us and saying the same thing.

After 114km, we reached New Brunswick, and a new time zone (grin). Another 20km brought us to a stop for the night in Campbellton. We went to Subway for dinner, and I picked up a newspaper. It was so good to be able to read it once again!! There is still quite a bit of french, but english is once again everywhere.

Sun Jul 14, 2002 - Dalhousie (30km)

A short day, and a prelude to an even shorter one. Today we didn't want to go far, and tomorrow we will take a rest day! We are in a campsite in Dalhousie, providing you all our stories from the past week or so! The campsite is really nice, and there is plenty to do here! We had fun looking at the tides coming in when we got here - they move pretty quick! The tide comes up at least 6-8 feet, we figure. I can't upload pictures right now, because the picture storing site is down :(, but when they do get there, you will see the beach, with the tide-eroded rocks. Well, it's dinnertime, and my stomach is beckoning!

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