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Wed May 15, 2002 - Maple Creek - Sask.

Only biked about 93km today. It was a little rainy in the morning, quite cold. Winds are still against us, we keep hoping they will change! The campground was a long way south of the Trans-Canada, and it was too late to continue on to the next town, so we found a cheap, run-down motel on the highway. At least we can catch up on the news tonight! Aparently there's a 'boil-water' advisory, so we'll have to buy some bottled water for tomorrow. (When we got to Swift Current, there really wasn't a 'boil-water' advisory, so we think the motel was just trying to sell bottled water).

The praries are quite a bit more hilly then I expected out here, although it will get flatter towards Winnipeg. Some parts are quite nice, some other parts are really dry, and they need rain badly.

Thu May 16, 2002 - Swift Current - Saskatchewan

Woke up to strong winds again, considering we have a 129km ride ahead of us, it could be a long day! After about 70km we started drafting each other, should have done this a long time ago! The first 70k were pretty hard, but the last 50k went by much much faster. Met up with the 2 cyclists we met earlier, they were a few minutes behind us. We'll probably meet them again at the camp ground in Swift Current. I think we pushed it a little too hard for the last 2 hours though, one of the muscles on my left leg is pretty sore. Nothing a rest day can't fix though!

Fri May 17, 2002 - Rest day in Swift Current - Saskatchewan

We haven't been near internet in so long, and we have only a short time at the library here, which means not much of an update. We'll update the site at the next chance we get hopefully.

Everything has been going well for the most part, the weather has been fairly cooperative, although we had a bit of rain a few days ago. The wind however is really slowing us down. Usually it blows from the west across the praries, but we've only seen crosswinds, or east winds so far. Despite that, we made it from Calgary to here in 4 days, which is about 520 kilometres. Jeff broke another spoke, and we don't have the tool to take the gears off, so we were hoping there'd be a bike shop here. Heh, yeah right, this is a pure ghetto town. The only internet cafe was shut down awhile ago, since the old folk didn't like it. There's no book stores either. Anyways, we're heading off to Moose Jaw tomorrow, about 170k away, lets hope the wind changes a bit!

Sat May 18, 2002 - Herbert Sask.

Well, we only biked 45km today, the wind was incredible! It's been blowing from the South East for quite a few days now, slowing us down quite a bit. We were pretty tired when we rolled into Herbert around 3:30pm, so we had to do some serious thinking. At this pace we wouldn't make our graduation on June 15th, so we'd have to take a bus from wherever we were at the time. The second option was to take the bus from Herbert to Winnipeg, skip about half the praries (which aren't incredibly interesting along the Trans-Canada highway anyway), which would give us more time in Northern Ontario. After much discussion, we decided to take the bus to Winnipeg. It seemed easy enough, but it proved to be quite the adventure! We intended to catch the 5:00pm bus, not realizing that our bikes would need to be in boxes before Greyhound would carry them. So missed that bus. Where does one find bike boxes in the middle of nowhere in Saskatchewan? At the gas station of course! The guys at the Co-op gas station were incredibly helpful, they managed to scrouge up some boxes which we could tape together to make a decent size bike box (Yay Duct tape!). The final result looks pretty interesting, we took a few pictures which should be up by now. The gas station even let us pitch our tent in the back to wait for the 4:15am bus. So off we went, made some dinner, and got a bit of sleep. Woke up at 3am to pack everything up. 4:15 rolls around, no bus. 4:30 - no bus. By 4:45 we were getting pretty cold, and pretty annoyed at Greyhound. Turns out somewhere they made a mistake, and there was no 4:14am bus. Oh well, what can ya do! At this point, we didn't want to set the tent back up, so we layed down the ground sheet, unrolled our sleeping bags, and slept under the stars! It was quite an experience. Thankfully, the 8:37am bus did show up, and we're on our way to Winnipeg!!

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