Welcome to BikeAcross.Ca!

This site is dedicated to documenting the travels of Ian & Jeff - two people who have decided to bike across Canada during the summer of 2002. Actual start date is April 26th, and we hope to finish some time in early to mid August!

This all started one day last fall, when a friend of ours described his cross Canada trip to us. We were quickly sold - this had always been something that was in the back of our minds, and since we were finishing University this year, there was no better time. So after much planning and some training (grin), here we are, biking across Canada!

So keep tuned as we get this site up and running - and post to it from the occasional internet cafe, or friends house! See ya soon!

August 2002: Update! We have finished the trip!!

October 2006: Update! We have finally uploaded our trip stats.

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